Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Understanding Emotional Abuse

Understand Emotional Abuse

The aim of emotional abuse is to chip away at your feelings of self-worth and independence. If you’re the victim of emotional abuse, you may feel that there is no way out of the relationship or that without your abusive partner you have nothing.

Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as yelling, name-calling, blaming, and shaming. Isolation, intimidation, and controlling behavior also fall under emotional abuse. Additionally, abusers who use emotional or psychological abuse often throw in threats of physical violence or other repercussions if you don’t do what they want.

You may think that physical abuse is far worse than emotional abuse, since physical violence can send you to the hospital and leave you with scars. But, the scars of emotional abuse are very real, and they run deep. In fact, emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse—sometimes even more so. You can also visit my website at Let's talk!!!
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Why live in fear???

Those of you who are in abusive relationship or had experienced it. What was your most frightened time of your life? What changes are you making to remove yourself from that relationship? Are you afraid to talk to someone about it because you think you will be judged? Do you have kids with this person? What is stopping you from leaving? I am here to say whatever it is that is keeping you leaving. Stop what your doing and today is the day for you to start planning for your future for you and your kids. Don't let them see you this way. Fearing for your life everyday isn't the way your suppose live. Because we live in a world of cycles. Stop the cycle..It starts with you. Kids grow up doing what they see. I know we are doing things that we have seen grown up. Help break the cycle on abuse. Trust yourself that you are making the right decision for your kids. Again let me express it is very hard to leave a situation that you are comfortable in. Keep in mind your kids are watching. Talk to me. I am here to help!!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Did you believe him???

Has the abuser promised that he would stop? Did you really believe him? Don't be ashamed to say you did because I did too. Look at me. I was in the relationship for 10 years. When I say it is hard to leave trust me I believe you without a doubt. But, I know that you have that same faith that I have and one day I want to hear your story of how you overcame your abusive relationship. We are strong, powerful, beautiful and smart enough to know that we deserve better.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

A sign to watch for

Another sign I don't think that has been mentioned. A sign that I have experienced. Have you ever noticed that every time you get in the car and the triptometer the miles thing is always at zero??? Like really? Another thing to worry about. Yes, another thing to worry about. It's like a job. I didn't notice that until I started being questioned where I went. So, ladies watch your triptometer in the car. Men can be very clever about things. We have to stay on top of our game as well.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Abusive Relationship on V-Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
To all women are in an abusive relationship keep in mind he maybe happy right but, things can get ugly at anytime. I pray for a peaceful day for you or someone you may know. Its not right to live this way. Stay prayed up at all times. You will find your way out just keep listening to that small voice that's god talking to you.
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

While I was Pregnant...

He knew I was pregnant before I did with my second child which was unexpected. He did not want anymore kids because he said he says a lot already. Yep! that's right. I only had one so, what was the big deal. Well he made it a big deal to the point I couldn't go to the doctor for check ups, no prenatals or nothing. One day I feel a sleep on the bed in our room and all of sudden i woke up to a hammer hitting my stomach. I am so serious. He tried to make me have a miscarriage. As months went on he would say things like, it better be a boy because if its a girl she staying at the hospital. The thoughts in my head of thinking what if I have a girl? Would he really do that? knowing him no but, he probably would treat her really bad. All I can do is just pray that I had a boy the entire 9 months. Get help please its real out here. These guys can take control over you and take you away from your friends and family. Get help.. You can contact us at

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

what is your reason for staying??

Has any of these things happened to you or someone you know?? If so, what are your reasons for staying? Just curious
Checking cell phones, emails or social networks without permission
Extreme jealousy or insecurity
Constant belittling or put-downs
Explosive temper
Isolation from family and friends
Making false accusations
Erratic mood swings
Physically inflicting pain or hurt in any way
Telling someone what to do
Repeatedly pressuring someone to have sex

Getting Away..

Trying to get away is the hardest thing to do. I will admit that. I just about had enough. I thought that I could go to a friend house and stay there for the night. I figured if she sees how scared I am then she wouldn't tell him where I am. Well, let me tell you. How did he find me? I still don't know till this day how he knew where I was, She really wasn't my friend was she? Once he got there. He kicked me in my stomach and dragged me by my hair out the door. I bet you are saying, just how could she stay there? Just go home and leave him alone. First, I didn't want to prove my mom was right about the whole relationship anyway, I figured I could handle this on my own(we think we can). Even till this day my mom doesn’t know how bad it really was. He would always threaten me that if I leave he will find me and kill me. The bad part about it if someone tells you enough time that if you leave I kill you, you start to really believe it. I just kept repeating it over and over. He said he will kill and he knows where my mom lives. I didn't want to put her into danger at all. First, rule never let him isolate you from everybody because then he starts to feel he has all the power over you. Please, please talk to your girls open that relationship with them so they want be afraid to tell you what is going on. If you are in a bad relationship with someone now try to get out if you can. Our kids should not be seeing this and thinking this is normal. My son anger is so bad because of the mistake I made. If you have any questions or just prayer you can email me at findingfaithwithinyourself@gmail ###Domesticabuseawarenessmonth###

Sunday, February 8, 2015


No women should be afraid to sleep in her own house. There were plenty of nights I have been woken up by concoction of things like, water mixed with ketchup, salt and pepper, maybe some eggs yolks you just would never know what was in that jug. That has happened to me several times. After that I had to learn how to sleep lightly. Another thing I have been woken up too was a speaker box dropped on my head. I have a scare on my eye from that. Ladies please teach your girls no matter how much you think your in love that is not acceptable. I know that I am not perfect but, I sure did not deserve the things I have gone through.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Talk to your kids about abuse.

    I can't express how important it is to have a relationship with your kids. Get to know who they are and what they like. Pay close attention them. Like I have said before it starts at home because, I didn't have a close relationship with my mom and I ended up making decisions that I regret. I get it, not all kids are going to listen to you but, at least you have have a relationship with them so, when they do find themselves in that bad relationship they can come and talk to you and let you know what is going on and give them the advice that they need. My daughter doesn't want to listen to me now and she is 16 but, I tell you what. I have talked to her about the signs of abuse and have let her aware what men try to do. Their first attack is to reach out to girls who don't have that relationship with their parents. Now I know you know someone like that. So, I can't stress that enough. Please no matter what age they are start that relationship with them so, you don't regret it later. Its never too late. We have to end this cycle in our community...please visit my website at findingfaithwithin.organd help support our community.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We need Change.

The main issues we are facing no one is taking domestic abuse seriously. Everyday someone is killed because they didn't have the support or resource to leave the abuser. Last night I had this thought. What can I do differently from everyone else to help change this cycle on abuse? Do we really trust the system to help us. There were calls made to 911 and it was too late for them to do anything. They tell us to have a restraining order but, what has that done to stop the abuser.Then the gun law. So, what they are saying is that they are going to make sure that the abuser cant have a gun legally. Well, what's stopping them from getting another gun from a friend, a relative, someone on the street. With all that being said. I want to make a big change in our system and be the voice for our women. Change has to be made...#fight #protect #live

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

True Fact on my relationship from Domestic Abuse

True Fact
The aftermath of leaving a abusive relationship with kids. I don't know where to start really.....When we split up (keep in mind I was young and I thought I knew what was best for my kids). Well, as parents we try so hard to raise them right and protect them and everything. I had in mind to keep both of my kids. He had the nerve to bring the kids in the living room and literally asked them who they want to live with. My son was like 6 and my daughter was 8 I believe. They didn't know what to say. As a mother I am in awe of this question he just asked them. So, my son went with him and my daughter stayed with me. Ladies NEVER do that to your kids. I mean NEVER. Please fight for your kids. Fight hard. More to come. ##
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