Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kids Matter

When it comes to my kids I struggle everyday with the fact that I should have left out of the relationship earlier. I see a lot of anger in both of my kids. My son has lived with his dad until he turned 13. I see so many things in him that I see in his dad it is so scary. My daughter anger comes from the fact she wish she had a relationship with her dad. Everyday I am challenged with something. I feel like Im fighting against something. But, I don't know what is. How can you fight something you don't know what your fighting against? I know it sounds silly. But, it true. Im trying to build a relationship with them so they can understand my side of the story. Again I don't know what he has told them. If it is one thing I can tell a mother with kids. Please think about your kids and how it is affecting them. Believe it or not they see everything. My advice to you is start planning your way out. It's not fair to them. If you can't find a reason to leave think about them. Their life matters too.
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